Then, let's agree on one thing first…once you are finished reading this, YOU and I will be partners because what I am about to show you is very straightforward and a NO BRAINER! It's called The Power of Communication also known as Client Broadcast!

I have spent the last 4 years of my life developing and creating the most powerful marketing CRM on the planet! My ALL-IN-ONE proprietary software will 100% guaranteed save your business time and money while achieving everything that 4-5 top most popular software’s do!

In order to stay ahead of the competition in today’s new digital world you need to understand the power of TEXT MESSAGING.

Every human young and old all have smart phones within an arms reach. In today’s world virtually everything is done through a smart phone so let’s look at the simple facts.

The Facts...

More than 95% of all text messages received are read within five minutes of receiving them! Client Broadcast makes it simple to communicate with your contacts via SMS messages.

Imagine if you own a retail store and you had a big sale coming up this weekend. How would you reach your customers to notify them? With Client Broadcast you can send a professionally designed picture SMS with the dates and time along with a personalized message and a direct link for more info. Just imagine the power of this new age way of communicating with the people who matter, your customers!

Say you run a flower shop and Valentines Day is approaching! Imagine if you sent a picture SMS with a beautiful bouquet and a coupon code saying order today with a link to the checkout page!

Don’t get left behind and stay ahead of your competition because if your business is not doing this then the others will be and you will be left in the dust!

If you are not promoting your business via text you are leaving money on the table and falling behind the competition. With a 98% open rate, texting is one of the best ways to let your customers know that it is time to visit your business!


Join the 170K+ customers who have used text messaging to connect with their audiences.

This is the smarter faster and more affordable way to market in today’s new digital world!

But once you have a closer look at our proprietary All-in One marketing software you will realize that we offer much more than this and absolutely BLOW AWAY the competition!

We take pride in making people finally understand the meaning of a NO BRAINER!

It doesn’t take much at all just a swift kick in the ass and then an understanding!

Let’s do a quick comparison and see exactly why you would choose our service Client Broadcast over our competitors:

Let’s take EZ Texting for a simple example:
You can signup for there “ELITE” package for $149/month. This gets you 3,300 messages during that month with zero other capabilities.

YOU can sign up with Client Broadcast and go with our “PRO” account for only $120/month and get 3,500 text messages. However we don’t stop there…your “PRO” package also comes with a ton of other valuable services such as:

  1. Voice and Text-to-speech
  2. 20,000 emails/month
  3. A powerful email template builder
  4. 5-Star Google, Yelp, Amazon and Facebook reviews
  5. 1-10 feedback
  6. Referrals program
  7. Event Notifications
  8. Special offers

And they all come with pre-designed editable templates so you can get up and running quickly.

Not only that you get much more, such as a social ad template builder and broadcasting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

You get a powerful calendar and appointment scheduling service.

However, the most important thing that you need to know is that you can send all these together automated at the same time or schedule them at any time in the future!

Every account also comes with a 30-day auto drip campaign feature and the ability to create multiple campaigns!

Do you see the VALUE yet? It is a NO BRAINER! We CRUSH the competition! Get your account setup today and stop wasting your time and money!

What are YOU waiting for?


Let’s take a look at another quick example of a leading email service provider such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp…

Here you will be paying $60 to $80 a month in order to email market to your customers. The problem is you don’t get any of the other marketing services only email.

The NO BRAINER is why would you do that when Client Broadcast offers the same service, a less expensive email broadcast service and you get 20,000 emails a month.

But the key here is that you also get the more powerful other Client Broadcast services such as Voice and Text broadcasting, appointment scheduling, Social design and broadcasting and much more.

This is only 2 software’s that you need to run your marketing department but you also need several others such as Broadly (another fee) to get 5-star online reviews or Swish (another fee) to design social ads or Acuity (another fee) to schedule online appointments.

Do you see my point here? Why would you use all the other different platforms when you can use our ALL-IN-ONE software, Client Broadcast and achieve everything they do but even more at a fraction of the cost!

Do you really want the headache of managing 4-5 different software platforms, when you can just manage ONE?

Start saving your business time and money and switch to CLIENT BROADCAST today!


Let me show you in person The Power of Communication!

I like to break it down into 4 uncommon techniques, which very few people understand. That is our job, to make them understand and create a NO BRAINER, which is a win/win for both you and I!

-Common sense- Simple communication of the facts. Being able to communicate the final outcome with simplicity!

-Anticipation- Creating the outcome of a win/win before it is achieved. Always being 4-5 steps ahead and being able to show the final results without having the results.

-Thoughtful thoughts- Manifesting and creating your Future! Seeing tasks completed before they are done and scheduling the end result! Your thoughts are what allow you to achieve your desired results.

-Wisdom- The end result becomes easy!

All it takes is a bit of common sense and 2 minutes of your time!

Client Broadcast Features

  • SMS Text and Picture SMS Broadcasting

  • Voice and Text to Speech Broadcasting

  • Email Broadcasting

  • Powerful Email Template Builder

  • Video Email

  • Automated Do Not Call

  • Create Sub Accounts

  • 30-Day Drip Campaigns Auto Pilot

  • Star Reviews Google, Yelp, Amazon, FB

  • 1 to 10 Feedback Data with Surveys

  • Automated Referral Program

  • Auto.Personalized Special Events & Offers

  • Social Post Broadcasting

  • Social Post Template Builder

  • Automated Group Messages

  • Creating Multiple Campaigns

  • Custom Lead Capture Page

  • Sales Funnel Creation

  • Zapier Integration

  • Appointment reminders / scheduling

  • Apps for IOS and Android

This is my promise to you!

I can save you enormous amounts of time and effort not to mention save you a TON of MONEY!

IF you do not believe me, PLEASE let me show you in person! TRUST me it will be the best decision you will ever make!

Let’s say you have 4 separate marketing software’s… Let’s DO a quick comparison…


  1. Mail Chimp or Constant Contact (Email) $80/month
  2. Call Fire or Sign Post (Broadcasting) $60/month
  3. Bird Eye or Broadly (Reviews) $60/month
  4. Acuity (Scheduling) $50/month


  1. Client Broadcast Software (All-in-One) $60/month
  2. One Platform
  3. One Login
  4. One LOW Price


I’m just being HONEST with you! Would you rather pay $250/month and have it give you a headache of all the time and extra work you are doing not to mention the headache


Would you rather save time and money and not create a headache!

Why would you pay for ONE platform that is more expensive, offers less total campaigns and only provides one service? Let alone pay for 4-5 different platforms, all offering one specific service when you can get one ALL-IN-ONE platform that does everything all the other 4-5 platforms do combined! Think of all the time and money you can save, not to mention the headache of working in 4 separate platforms all with different login and passwords!

Would you rather pay over $500 a month and setup 4 different platforms or just ONLY pay $60 a month and only setup one platform?

THIS is what the true meaning of a NO BRAINER is!

Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Joe Tutrow. I am the founder and creator of Client Broadcast, the all-in-one marketing software that will change the way you look at marketing.

I have been a marketer and entrepreneur all my life. I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Marketing and went on to get another degree in International Marketing from the University of Newcastle in Australia.

I created my first company when I was 21 and had extraordinary success. The company is called Strickly Boarding a wholesale distribution company selling to over 1,000 surf shops around the world. I had to learn how to work smarter not harder as my business took off. After wild success I began a career in real estate where I sold multi family investments aka apartment buildings and this is where I realized the power of communication and marketing automation.

I quickly rose to the top of my firm out performing all of my competition. I realized I was onto something great and started building my business of today Client Broadcast, the power of communication. I want to share all my secrets with you today! And the most important secret I have to share with you is called immersion!

If you don’t understand what I am preaching now then maybe this is not for you!

What does a NO BRAINER exactly mean in terms of the Power of Communication?

Let me take a quick moment and explain to you what I mean because afterwards, if you don’t think this is a NO BRAINER then you should probably not waste our time!



Why waste your time with a free 14-day trail when we offer a lifetime 10% discount?


WE are not done yet…

Not ONLY that you will also receive a FREE ACCOUNT SETUP! A savings of $250!!

What are YOU waiting for? It’s really straightforward and simple!

It’s a NO brainer! Get started and become an expert marketer TODAY!

The Power of Communications

P.S ---> You have nothing to lose! You will be confident in becoming an Expert Marketer.

P.P.S ---> We can only take 10 of these a month, so don’t wait to long to think about this! It’s a NO brainer. Book your LIVE FREE DEMO today!


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